Where we come from and where we are going

About Us

Our Story

Project Nunavut launched the first country food market event in November 2010 and in doing so proved that there is a strong Inuit demand for all kinds of country food in Iqaluit, and that there are hunters in Iqaluit and across Nunavut who are interested in meeting the needs of households who aren’t able to access enough country food as they would want.

The country food market was run on a monthly basis with support from the Government of Nunavut throughout most of 2011-2013. The markets were raucous affairs. Customers would show up hours before the official start time, and when hunters rolled in with truck loads or qamotiq’s full of country food, it would be gone in a flash. The main complaint that we received was that the market was too crazy, and that the demand was too high to deal with.


The Plan

Our plan is to start small with a select (and patient) group of hunters and customers who can help us shape the site so that it serves everyone’s needs.

In the beginning we will start with country foods with the lowest risk of over-harvesting (char, seal, turbot, maaktaaq). Behind the scenes we will be reaching out to the stakeholders in the conservation system to figure out how best to include other country foods that require a higher level of oversight.

As we figure out our systems, we’ll look to expand Hunter’s Harvest across the territory and possibly to other jurisdictions.